Mic Raygun is a solo mission relieving the mind of musician/producer Jon Reagan from internal bombardment of beats and sonic arrangement. Mic Raygun is a treat; not a burning desire, but a reward consciously striving to be a compassionate civilian.

Mic Raygun’s willingness to live outside of comfort zones is read in his stage language and is said to be the forefront of Raygun’s artistic endeavor. Raygun’s lyrics provide acceptance and acknowledgement of life’s scrutinous oppression and the hope that the audience can rise above it.

2016 saw the release of Mic Raygun’s debut High Or Low. 2017 will birth Sentimental Fuck Ups, a full-length album that spans the majority of Mic Raygun’s identity building process (2011-2015).

Mic Raygun is based out of Brooklyn.

Photos: M. Cooper


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Canada dates in April. More info soon!





“It will play in the background, keep going, and keep you going. It has that chillwave vibe that doesn't disturb”

   – Indie Shuffle


“It’s one all of the better albums I have heard of a bedroom producer in recent memory.”

   – Divide And Conquer


“This track proves that there is always someone out there working away to mix up genres to create some unique and pleasing to listen to.”

   –Electronic North


“Mic Raygun is sort of an Enigma, with a chance of becoming a full-blown mystery someday.”

    – Quiet Rebel